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  • Older Singles and Online Dating

    Older Singles and Online Dating

    Do older singles and online dating really mix? When you think about cutting-edge technology, does your mind automatically jump to images of scientists, engineers, or twenty-somethings playing with high-tech gadgets? Or something else entirely? Whatever you’re thinking of, the fact is that technology is becoming more accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds. One particular aspect of this is online dating. It’s not just for the younger crowd — today, more and more mature singles are turning to dating sites...

  • college students and online dating

    College Students and Online Dating

    In the past, many people have included finding a lifetime companion among the list of things they hoped to accomplish during their college years. For a lot of people, it worked out. For others, though, Mr. or Ms. Right just never turned up. This might explain a new trend in the world of online dating: more college students are signing up and meeting their mates on the internet. While some people might wonder why you’d try to meet people online instead...

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