Free Dating Sites Profile Tips

At most free dating sites your profile is the first thing people notice. It is like your public face. Having a good dating profile is very important to achieving success with online dating sites; if it is not appealing or eye-catching, no one will stop to look further. This is true whether we are talking about paid or free dating.

As you continue your online dating journey, please keep these tips and information in mind. As you create your profile, you will give yourself a much better chance of success.


How to Be Successful:

One of the best ways to be successful on 100% free dating sites is to make sure you include some photos. Especially on these types of sites, you need to catch the attention of a passer-by.

Think of a photo as like your headline. In order for someone to read the rest of your ad (personal or profile), they need to first notice you, stop and take a look. Actually, statistics shows that even on the best free dating sites, members with photos receive up to 10 times greater response than those without photos.

Another excellent tip for being successful with free dating sites is to be honest and complete when filling out your profile. Many singles just enter the required information and then move on. However, taking your time to complete a brief essay about yourself and who you want to meet gives your profile more “meat” and details than many others.

This is just the type of thing that will set you apart from every other free dating site member.

How To Be Safe:

The main advice our experts give about ensuring your safety at free dating websites is just to remember that you are in control of your information. Many singles do not really think about this issue at all.

You should assume that anything you post on the internet can be made public. Therefore, if you use a message board or blog (or even a chat room) on any singles dating sites, assume that anything posted can become public information. Simply do not write any personal or private information.

Another tip for remaining safe is to know the privacy policy. Yes, actually read it! Understand what the service will actually do with your information. Know what rights you have, and whether you can opt out from receiving marketing (or other messages). Usually you will be able to do so without any problem.

Finally, take advantage of the specific safety features offered by the free online dating sites. These include ways to block specific users (or groups of users) from even viewing your profile. Maybe you do not want married men looking at your profile? You can decide your preferences. In addition to block lists you may be able to choose that some of your information can be accessible only to your friends or those you specifically invite to take a look.

Of course, each singles site will most likely have a different mix of safety features. Know what yours are and how to use them.

Serious Free Dating vs. Casual Free Dating:

While you are using free dating sites, please understand that you will most likely find all types of people who may view your profile. There will be serious as well as casual daters.

Someone interested in serious dating will be looking for different things in your profile than a person interested in casual dating. The serious person will look for things like whether you are interested in marriage, or having children in the future. In short, they want more detail. Be sure your profile offers enough details.

A casual dater, using free dating sites, is probably more interested in your photo. They do not care much about details, only that you are willing and able to get away from your keyboard and actually meet in person.

Keeping all of the above tips in mind will allow your profile to appeal to both the serious and casual dater.

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